Dracula Untold2014

Dracula Untold Vlad Draculea was the prince and ruler of Wallachia, Transylvania, during the 15th century. He became disgusted by his actions and decided to put his history to the past.

Vlad is now at peace. His troops discover an armor hidden in the stream. Vlad along with his troops as well as a large Ottoman Scouting group arrives at Vlad’s castle and discover an armor in a stream. Vlad is being visited by the Ottoman army. Vlad offers the tribute to the army with silver coins. But, Mehmed demands that Vlad as well be present.

Vlad who is convinced that the war is coming, goes in Broken Tooth Mountain Cave to seek advice from the vampire. Vlad is offered the chance to donate a portion of his blood. Vlad gets the power of vampires when he refuses to drink human blood.

Mirena learns about Vlad’s curse after she observes Vlad holding silver to shield his people and prevent them from seeing his condition.

The Ottoman army encircles the monastery in the evening. Vlad commands a large bat swarm to defeat the attackers. They disguise themselves as forces to strike the monastery. They snatch a few of the inhabitants and take away Ingeras.

Mehmed is a commander of the Ottoman army, is in the process of preparing to strike Europe. Vlad and his vampires are hidden by lightning storms, and they arrive at the scene to slaughter the terrified Ottoman soldiers. Vlad is pursuing Mehmed who is holding Ingeras in captivity. Mehmed knows that vampires are more resistant to silver, and has sprayed Mehmed’s camp with silver coins. Vlad’s strength, speed and ability to see is altered by this. Mehmed combats Vlad using a sword made of silver. This means that Vlad’s strength and speed are similar to that of a human, and impairs his vision. Vlad dispels the storm cloud to ensure that all vampires as well as Vlad are drawn by the light and then burn away.

Vlad who is now Dracula Vlad, now Dracula Mina the woman who looks strikingly similar to Mirena.


Dracula Untold (2014) แดร็กคูล่า ตำนานลับโลกไม่รู้

Dracula Untold 2014